News on the Jaded Series

I have some wonderful news. As some of you know, Shatter Me and Reclaim Me had some editing issues. I’m happy to announce that both will be re edited by Hot Tree Editing! I’m really excited to have them re edited and to give new and old readers the best version possible, hopefully without any mistakes!

I also have news on the cover of Unveil Me. I do have an official cover already and the release for said cover will be November 1st! I think you all will be very pleased with the cover. I’m thinking drool worthy…after all, we are talking about Andrew here 😉 As far as the release goes, I know I keep pushing it back, and I am so sorry for that. However, as it stands, and as long as the editing goes well, I’m hoping for a release at the beginning of December!

2 thoughts on “News on the Jaded Series

  1. So, so ready for Andrew…..It does seem forever ago that I read the other two. I will re-read them both before December to keep fresh in my mind. Thank you so much for the update. Trying to be patient but it’s hard when your in love with characters, and on that note I know Andrews story is going to be heartbreaking and funny. Cannot wait to read what he’s wearing and What his shirts are saying. Thank you Alex for awesome reads. Jamie Nibarger Ellis


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