Awaken Me is finished!!

Woohoo!! Awaken Me is finished! Well… not completely, lol. I still need to go over it with a fine tooth comb and then it’s off to the editor! April 5th is the big day, so mark you’re calendars!

I’m excited to say that the first review came in today! This book means so much to me. It’s been in the works since the very beginning. I’m really nervous because there is so much emotion in Awaken Me, and I want to make sure it meets everyone’s expectations. I am so sad to see the series end, but I’m relieved to finally give you all Nick’s story. It’s truly amazing how much these characters have become such a big part of my life.

Have you pre-ordered your copy yet?? Make sure you do so you get it as soon as it releases! And don’t forget to join the release party on April 5th! We have an awesome takeover line up and there will be plenty of fun and games!

Universal Pre-Order Link for Awaken Me

Release Party for Awaken Me

Until next time, thank you all for taking a chance on me and my books!

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