Always Wanting on sale for only $.99 & Giveaway!

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I quietly pull the front door closed behind me and head straight for the hallway that’ll lead me to Abby’s room. It’s dark and quiet when I enter. My eyes briefly land on the man that’s silently sitting in a chair in the far corner, before settling in on the woman lying on the bed, unknowingly scissoring her legs, trying to relieve the ache between them. Little whimpers leave her lips, sending icy pricks of pain to my stomach.

“How is she?” I ask Nathan, as I peel my shirt over my head.

He unfolds his body from the chair, comes to stand at my side, and we both look down at Abby. I’ve been here every night since the night she ended things between us. She doesn’t know it, and would probably freak the fuck out if she did, but there is no way I’m going to let her go through this pain if there’s a way I can stop it. Nathan was reluctant at first to agree to my plan, but when he saw her crying in her sleep, knowing there was nothing else that could be done, he relented. I always make sure I’m gone before she wakes up. She may have thought she broke things off, but that’s the very last thing she did. I’m just biding my time until it’s the right time to come clean. Her supply of pills is dwindling, so I know it won’t be long before I have to confess my sins. She’ll be pissed, but she’ll have to get over it.

I love this girl too damn much for it to end for something like this. Yes, it’s a huge deal, but not so huge we can’t overcome it.

“The same as every night this week,” Nathan says quietly beside me. “You’re running out of time. You need to tell her.”

“I know.” My eyes land briefly on the pill bottle on her nightstand.

He doesn’t say anything else, for some reason trusting I know what I’m doing, and silently slips out the door. I look over my shoulder and watch it close behind him. To be honest, I haven’t the first clue what I’m doing. I just know that I refuse for Abby to do this alone. She has Nathan and her friends, but they don’t have what she needs.

I pull the rest of my clothes off and slip under the sheets behind her. Guilt tries to push its way in, but I don’t let it. I know what I’m doing isn’t traditional, and may seem too taboo for some to grasp, but when in a situation like this, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish what I need accomplished. And that’s helping Abby.

I pull her fevered, but clammy body against mine, and she instantly relaxes. She always does. Her body knows I’m here, even if her mind is numb from the pills. Guilt festers again when she rubs her ass against my hard cock, but again, I push it away.




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