Jaded Hollow

Some of you may not know, but my series, The Jaded Series, is actually based after a real town, the town I live in. When I first started the series, I knew I wanted it to be based off a small, close knit community. It didn’t take me long to look around my own cozy little town and realize that it was perfect. For those of you who might find it interesting, below are some pictures of the town Jaded Hollow was based after.

Jaxon’s Pub


Jaded Hollow Public Library


Town Hall

(Center of Jaded Hollow)


Jaded Elementary, Middle, & High School

All three schools share an attached building, with the elementary having the newly built portion and the middle and high school having the older portion.


Jaded Hollow Post Office


Evelyn’s Market


3 thoughts on “Jaded Hollow

  1. These pictures are awesome and some not at all what I would have pictured it like..Love them though!! One of my best series EVER!! 🙂 xx


  2. I love how you have used where you live as the idea..The thought that there really is a town out there like Jaded Hollow is awesome! I just wish the people were real lol 🙂 xx


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